Automatr Integrates With Unbounce!

Maximize Results

Unbounce is a popular landing page builder that offers A/B split testing and other advanced features. Automatr's partnership with Unbounce allows you to track the effects of your tested landing pages.

Unbounce + Automatr


  • Segmenting
    • You can now effortlessly segment prospects based on who has/has not visited a given landing page and/or filled out the form.

  • Forms
    • Forms created through can be mapped using our Unbounce Forms integration even though Unbounce uses a custom submit.

  • Lead Scores
    • When prospects reach a certain lead score predetermined by you, Automatr can alert you, send you a daily report, adjust a lead score, send an automated email to the prospect, add the prospect to a marketing list, schedule a call in your CRM, and more!
  • Easy Integration
    • Automatr seamlessly integrates with your Unbounce landing pages.
  • Automation
    • Visitors are automatically tracked on your Unbounce landing pages, which makes it easier than ever to focus on what is most important to your potential clients.

  • Customizable Landing Pages
    • Unbounce allows you to highly customize your landing pages so that they are tailored to your specific potential customers.

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