Manage Your Automatr Leads with!

It's Logical!

By connecting your Automatr and SalesLogix accounts you can create an intelligent lead management system.

SalesLogix + Automatr


  • Focus on Hot Leads
    • Sales people can now see the top leads from Automatr directly in their SalesLogix screens.

  • Maintain Lists
    • Create and automatically maintain lists of prospects and customers to stay organized and on top of your campaigns.

  • Compatibility
    • Automatically incorporate your SalesLogix users as Automatr users; for authentication purposes and so that they can be set as Lead Owners.

  • Adjustable Lead Score
    • Manually adjust Automatr lead scores in SalesLogix dependent upon specific interactions with potential prospects.
  • My Emails
    • Create trackable emails through marketing-approved templates directly from your SalesLogix interface. You can see who's opened your emails, who's clicked through, and how many times.
  • SalesLogix Emails + Automatr Tracking = Powerful Communications
    • Deliver targeted marketing messages and sales offers to select customer segments.

  • Always In-Sync
    • Bidirectional syncs ensure you're working with the most up-to-date prospect data in either system.

  • Gain Insight about Anonymous Visitors
    • Automatr shows you which companies are visiting your website who you have not yet built a relationship with.

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