Manage Your Automatr Leads with!

The #1 Requested Feature of Volacci Automatr is Here!

By connecting your Automatr and Salesforce accounts you can create an intelligent lead management system.

Salesforce + Automatr


  • Focus on Hot Leads
    • Sales reps can view a list of their Leads & Contacts sorted by Lead Score.
    • See at a glance which prospects are engaging with your website, emails and collateral.

  • Get Visibility Into Prospect Activity
    • Find out exactly which prospects visited your wesite and how they got there and what pages they viewed during their visit.

  • Navigate Easily Through Your Data
    • Names of your Leads, Contacts and Accounts are links that allow you to navigate directly to the spot you'd like to go within Salesforce.
  • Communicate Better
    • My Emails shows you all the Conversation emails you've sent to your prospects. You can see who's opened your emails, who's clicked through and how many times.
  • Salesforce Emails + Automatr Tracking = Powerful Communications
    • Make any Automatr email available a Sales Template.
    • Send a fully trackable Automatr email to any Lead or Contact. We call these emails Conversations. Conversation emails (and all associated activity such as email sends, opens, clicks & bounces) all flow directly to the prospect's Activity Stream in both Automatr & Salesforce.
  • Automatr FunnelVision now embedded in Salesforce!
  • Pull Lead/Contact data from Salesforce both in an initial, full sync and on a regular basis
  • Create and automatically maintain Lists in both Automatr & Salesforce
  • Bi-Directional Synchronization of Contact and Lead Data

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