Automatr Integrates With Microsoft Dynamics!

Dynamic Team

Automatr allows your sales team to leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics more efficiently. Automatr lets you strike when the lead is hot.

Microsoft Dynamics + Automatr


  • Manual Lead Scoring
    • Need to make a quick adjustment to a lead or contact? Manually add or subtract points from a prospect's lead score through the Microsoft Dynamics integration.

  • Data View
    • If you need to view specific data captured by Automatr, you can embed an iFrame in Microsoft Dynamics. Automatr shows site visits, number of pages viewed, and visit duration just to name a few.

  • Lead Scores
    • When prospects reach a certain lead score predetermined by you, Automatr can alert you, send you a daily report, adjust a lead score, send an automated email to the prospect, add the prospect to a marketing list, schedule a call in Microsoft Dynamics, and more!
  • Automation
    • Visitors are automatically tracked, which makes it easier than ever to focus on what is most important to your potential clients.
  • Easy Integration
    • With built-in features, Automatr seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics. Once you have discovered who your potential customers are, Automatr allows you to easily add these contacts to your Microsoft Dynamics applications.

  • Customizable Campaigns
    • Highly customizable services that will launch and track targeted drip campaigns, compile reports, let you know who’s interested vs. who’s just browsing, and will nurture your leads from interested visitor to satisfied customer.

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