Automatr Integrates With GoToWebinar!

Operate Efficiently!

With Automatr's integration with GoToWebinar, your webinar data and statistics are easily organized for optimal analyzation while your contacts are automatically attributed with entries in their Activity Stream.

GoToWebinar + Automatr


  • Segmenting
    • Information is gathered from webinar registration forms, and leads are segmented based on traditional database marketing fields and behavioral fields.

  • Conditions
    • After the first sync has run, New Segment and Campaign conditions for Did/Did Not Register and Did/Did Not Attend are immediately available.

  • Categorization
    • Webinars that have occured and those that have not occured are categorized separately.
  • Easy Integration
    • All notes, questions, and answers that occur during a webinar are transferred over to your CMS, helping your team focus on what matters most to your customers.
  • Automation
    • Data and feedback from previous webinars allows you and your sales team to create more webinars that better engage your target audience.

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