Automatr Integrates with Drupal!

Operate Efficiently!

Deep integration with Drupal 7 brings together two powerful systems into a powerful integrated digital marketing powerhouse. Integration with Drupal accelerates marketing responsiveness, increases engagement, boosts conversion rates and saves time.

Drupal + Automatr


  • Easy Installation
    • Automatr seamlessly integrates with your Drupal site. Simply download the module available on to gain additional features exclusive to Drupal.

  • Keep Your Drupal Forms
    • No need to use "special" forms! Drupal Webforms are compatible and work great with Automatr.

  • Rules
    • Drupal's Rules system allows you to tell Automatr how to behave when a certain event occurs on your website. For example, if a visitor buys a product, send them a thank-you email from Automatr. It's tracked so you'll know if it was delivered, opened, and if the visitor clicked on the links.
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  • Tokens
    • Automatr makes visitor contact data available as Drupal Tokens - small text snippets or variables. For example, [Automatr: First Name] would show "Bob" or "Sally" when Bob or Sally visit.
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  • Automation
    • From within Drupal admin screens, you can now:

      • Monitor complete segments or individual visitors' activities
      • Find and view activity for individuals and entire companies
      • Send tracked campaign emails to individual prospects
      • Manage Automatr reports and alerts
      • View your existing email lists or create new ones
      • Sync known visitors that have Drupal accounts with Automatr
      • And a whole lot more!

  • Save Time for Visitors
    • Increase conversion rates by pre-populating webforms with Automatr customer data. It's easy and saves your visitors a lot of time.

  • Extensive Docs & Free Support

    Read more about Automatr features.