Using Automatr - Drupal 7

Automatr is the first and best integration of a complete marketing automation solution with Drupal. There are 5 levels of Drupal integration:

  1. Tracking - a javascript tracking code in the footer that tracks visitors activity. It functions similarly to Google Analytics. This code tracks visits, time on page, sessions, forms population, and more.
  2. Admin Screens - through a series of Drupal admin screens, Automatr brings many day-to-day marketing automation functions right into Drupal. You can create Automatr Alerts, Lists, Fields, manage visitors, reports, and more.
  3. Webform module - capture visitor data from Drupal Webforms module right into Automatr and use it right away in your Drupal site. Increase your conversion rates with progressive profiling features like pre-population of known visitor data and even hiding fields if you already have the information you need.
  4. Tokens module - All fields in Automatr are available as Tokens in Drupal. Things like first name, last name, city, or even lead owner or lead stage.
  5. Rules module - Integration between Automatr and the Rules module allows you to build creative solutions that meet any business use case. For example, you can quickly create personalized content and experiences for your users based on your marketing data stored in Automatr.