Getting Started with Automatr for Drupal 7

To begin using Automatr with your Drupal site, you’ll need to sign up for Automatr. Visit our Pricing page to select your package. Both monthly and annual subscriptions are available.

The module to integrate Automatr into your Drupal 7 website will be sent to you by Volacci after you have completed your sign-up. The Automatr module available at site is a very basic integration and is not recommended for Drupal 7.

NOTE: Tracking code-only integration is available for Drupal 6, WordPress, and most other platforms that support javascript.

The bundle of Drupal 7 modules for Automatr includes:

  • Volacci Automatr: Adds the Automatr tracking script to your site, the foundation of Automatr integration.
  • Volacci Automatr Insight: Adds Automatr functionality to the Drupal admin interface.
  • Volacci Automatr Webform Fields: Map all the data you collect on your Drupal site (including user profile forms) to Automatr data.
  • Volacci Automatr Rules: Harnesses the power of the Rules module to enable custom conditions and actions based on Automatr data.
  • Volacci Automatr Rules Block Control: Hide or display blocks based on the rules provided by Volacci Automatr Rules.
  • Volacci Automatr Tokens: Using the Tokens modules, create tokens for all Automatr data that can be used to personalize content, autofill forms, or anywhere a token can be used.
  • Volacci Automatr Export Users: Export Drupal user data to your Volacci Automatr account.
  • Volacci Automatr iFrames: Enables the use of iFrames used by Automatr Insight.

Before installing, you'll want to make sure you have all the required prerequisites.