Getting Started with Automatr for Drupal 6

To begin using Automatr with your Drupal site, you’ll need to sign up for Automatr. Visit our Pricing page to select your package. Both monthly and annual subscriptions are available.

The Automatr integration for Drupal 6 provides a basic level of integration. It installs the Automatr javascript in the footer of your website. On Drupal 6, you will not have advanced functionality like tokens, Rules, webform, or personalization that are available for Drupal 7. However, you will have full access to user tracking, lead scoring, email drip and nurturing campaigns, and integration with Salesforce, Sugar and other platforms.

NOTE: Tracking code-only integration is available for Drupal 5 and earlier, WordPress, and most other platforms that support javascript.

The Drupal 6 module for Automatr adds the Automatr tracking script to your site, the foundation of Automatr integration.