Automatr Integrates with Concrete5!

Minimize Work, Maximize Results

Automatr seamlessly integrates with the Concrete5 CMS, allowing you to build sophisticated drip campaigns quickly. Automatr’s lead scoring system ensures that your sales team knows the best possible time to approach a lead, allowing you to sell them when they’re to be sold.

Concrete5 + Automatr


  • Easy Integration
    • Automatr seamlessly integrates with your Concrete5 site. Just paste our asynchronous javascript code into your footer and you're good to go!

  • Keep Your Concrete5 Forms
    • No need to use "special" forms! With Automatr, you simply map your existing Concrete5 forms (takes about 30 seconds) and they work!

  • Track Visitors
    • Automatr shows site visits, number of pages viewed, and visit duration just to name a few.
  • Automation
    • Visitors are automatically tracked on your Concrete5 site, which makes it easier than ever to focus on what is most important to your potential clients.
  • Tailor Automatic Responses
    • Nurture new leads from first visit to final sale and beyond. It's easy to set up automatic responses to customers who reveal their interests.

  • Extensive Docs & Free Support

    Read more about Automatr features.